Dog licking paws

A dog licking paws and pulling the hair of his back legs you can do so for several reasons. A medical condition, such as fleas or an infection of the skin, can cause this behavior, as well as a psychological condition. In order to stop the dog , you and your veterinarian should first determine the cause. Once they do, treatment can begin.


Take your dog to the vet to determine the cause of that lama and pull her hair. The veterinarian will make the dog an examination and look closely at your skin. You can even take blood samples to determine the cause. If the doctor can not find anything medically wrong with the dog , you probably do not discard the cause is psychogenic.

Dog licking paws

Try the condition that is causing your dog to pass it by pulling hair and licking his hind legs. If fleas or other parasites are the cause of the behavior, the vet will probably prescribe an insecticide to alleviate the problem. If the dog has a skin infection, steroids and antibiotics will likely be administered. If allergies are the cause, the vet will probably prescribe antihistamines along with fatty acid supplements.

Determines which could make your dog lick and pull the hair on their hind legs and the condition is psychological in nature. Stress is often a cause of this type of behavior. For example, if a baby has entered the house and dog is not getting the amount of attention before, often show this behavior as a form of comfort. If possible, eliminate the stress factor. If you do, chances are the dog leave the strange behavior. If you can not stop that stress occurs, you will have to train the dog to stop the condition.

Directs the attention of your dog to something more attractive. For example, when the dog starts to lick or pull your hair, give him a gift that you find particularly tasty as peanut butter or liverwurst. You could also distract the dog starting a game every time you try to lick or pull your hair.

It rewards your dog when not lick or pull your hair. Pet the dog or give him a prize when sitting or standing pull themselves happy hair. Similarly, avoid wanting to reward the dog when you repeat the behavior. Many pet owners reward their dogs while licking in an effort to make the dog feel better. Although they can comfort the dog with petting, only reinforce the behavior of dog , also by offering a reward to repeat the behavior.

Exercise your dog on a daily basis. If your dog is stressed or have a lot of nervous energy, exercise can help release some of that energy. Dogs that can not afford to burn his energy often lick or pull your hair because they are so stressed and anxious. Walking, jogging, swimming or playing fetch can help ease the nerves of your dog and perhaps avoid the behavior.