How I realize if the dog is anxious?

If you look closely the behavior of the dogs that interact with people, you will notice that they have certain signs or patterns of behavior to communicate with humans. Some animal behavior specialists argue that these signs mean a form of relaxing or calming potential aggressors.

The “language” canine can be interpreted with facial expressions, ears, tail, movement of the body and emitted sounds. If you see a group of dogs living together, when they play between them and in the case that the game becomes a fight, in these cases, there are a series of signs and movements that prevent that this attitude that began with a game take a serious aggression, is believed that it is a way of keeping the balance and good coexistence in a herd.

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In certain situations of tension, as it can be a training class or a visit to the vet, you will notice that the animal yawns, is lame or sniffs the floor quickly and often intense, these signs may be used as an indication of anxiety and soothe with words and caresses.

If the dog is little family kin or strangers in a public place, the animal displays a series of movements that indicate “quiet, do not come to fight”. Some typical signs are:

Sniff the Earth: it is thought that this is a sign of a fearful dog to calm another human or animal creature that can frighten him.
Turning the head, looking to the side, but only for a moment
The dog can do this even when a child runs to give him a hug. Sometimes this happens so fast that you cannot avoid.
These signs can be interpreted to greet an unknown dog that can be afraid seeing the animal by far.

Remember that you should never allow a child to bring it closer to a dog that stares, this indicates that there may be aggression by the dog; it should never leave children to approach dogs unknown without adult supervision.

Licking his own nose: shaped fast or slow, it is also believed that this is a sign to appease outsiders, something interesting is that black fur dogs use this sign more often than other dogs, perhaps because its features are more difficult to see and the pink tongue stands out of its fur. Licking his face or the face of another dog, although a greeting canine typical can also be a sign tranquilizer.

The yawn: this is a sign of common tension. It is often the case in dogs in obedience training and when they notice that he is much expected of them, or when they go to the vet their owners are disciplining them.

If you have an adult dog, these signs may be interpreted to reassure him. Older dogs are much more sensitive to the language of the body of its owner (why they, at times, seems that they cannot read our minds!).

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