Dog hurt leg

The dogs are terrible injured patients, and may be difficult for you place bands were not removed. If your dog had a perforation was lacerated or perhaps you have to bandage to keep the wound clean and stop the bleeding. After having removed any embedded object and you’ve cleaned with antiseptic paw gently wraps the foot to protect the wound. Although the band has to be a little firm to be effective, there has to be so tight to cut the circulation of dog .


Apply an antibiotic ointment on gauze and cover the wound with it. Paste the chiffon top with two pieces of tape, one on each side of the leg. The tape should extend several inches above the wound, sealing chiffon safely.

dog hurt leg

Wrap entire leg, foot and ankle in a cotton gauze. You can also place cotton balls between the toes if the wound is there or near the toes, protecting more.

Ensures the band and wrapping cotton balls with a bandage or adhesive tape. Wrap the ribbon over and under the foot, not too tightly.

Cover the dressing with a plastic bag before going outside with your dog .