Could you give a dog human vitamins?

Most human vitamins are not accessible to dogs. As carnivorous canines, dogs have many different nutritional needs of humans, primates are omnivorous. However, some human vitamins and supplements can be given to dogs, after consulting a veterinarian about dosages.

dog human vitamins


The human multivitamins, including prenatal vitamins should not be given to dogs. Vitamins contain too different amounts for canine dose is precisely achieved. Multivitamins that include iron can cause damage to the dog’s digestive system, kidneys and liver.

Supplements for Joints
Glucosamine and certain other human supplements for joints can be supplied to the dogs, as long as you choose a brand with no additives. Compare the list of ingredients and dose per tablet for a joint supplement for dogs before buying. Always consult a veterinarian before adding a supplement to your dog’s diet.
As an occasional remedy for diarrhea, acidophilus capsules for humans can be fed to the dogs. If required daily supplement for a long time, buy a probiotic supplement formulated for dogs, or choose commercial dog food and that includes probiotics.

Fish oil
The fish oil supplements for humans are available for dogs, always containing pure fish oil, preferably oil, wild Alaskan salmon, no additives. Talk to your veterinarian to calculate the proper dose. You may need to buy a bottle of liquid oil instead of capsules, the dose to reach small enough for small dogs.

Never give human prescriptions for the dogs, unless prescribed by a veterinarian. Prescription drugs such as antibiotics and analgesics may be safe for humans, but harmful to dogs.

Some vitamins can be simply added to the diet of your dog through whole food sources. For example, probiotics are in the yogurt. Omega fatty acids found in fish.