Dog hot spot treatment

The irritation in the skin of your dog may develop a hot spot if lama or bite area. Bites from fleas, ticks and allergies are among the causes of the initial irritation causing the dog to bite and scratch for relief. Unfortunately, their efforts often worsen the situation, resulting in a painful irritation that can become infected. The remedies for dog hot spots may include home treatment and veterinary treatment.

The first step in treating hot spots is to clean the wound and possibly remove hair around the irritation. If it is small you can try cleaning it at home with a dog shampoo that contains colorexidina counter. An iodine solution such as Betadine is another option for cleaning. If irritation is great veterinarian may need to sedate the dog, since hot spots are very painful.

Dog hot spot treatment

Home Remedies
When cool the can apply directly to one of the clean hot spots and glue in place. Reapply tea envelopes up to six times a day. Also suggests applying occasionally some compresses to soothe and relieve pain.
Veterinary remedies
The remedies for the treatment professionals hotspots may include applying a topical steroid cream or an antibiotic. Moreover, your vet may prescribe an oral corticosteroid for itching or oral antibiotics for any secondary infection from the trauma of the hot spot. To prevent the formation of future hot spots, your veterinarian may order tests to determine the cause of the initial irritation.


Prevent your dog from biting or scratching the irritated skin can be difficult. Some pet owners find that the use of an Elizabethan collar is good to prevent the dog from getting worse irritation. This type of collar is a rigid plastic ring around the dog’s neck and extends into a cone shape around your face .

Prevention and resolution
With hot spots can be the best remedy prevention. Reduce the chance of developing this painful condition drying thoroughly after bathing, and brush it, especially during the moulting season to remove excess skin and kill cells that can create a moist environment to one side of the skin your dog. Treat your dog against fleas and review it regularly to find hot spots at an early stage.