Dog Harness

Double Back Harness


Ideal for climbing,mountaineering,canyoning and ensure that on or remedy on stairs or in the rocky terrain.An adjustable,starch-tested dog harness for lifting and lowering in difficult terrain.


•Dish is up to 900 kg or 8.9 kN (kilonewtons) strength tested
•four are tested,anodized aluminum fasteners for safety and durability
•continuously tested webbings
•tested,adjustable martingale for a custom fit
•starch-tested for easy attachment point of the rope Anbrigngen
•padded waist belt and leg loops for adjustable frame and even weight distribution
•Leg straps can be stowed in the harness for ease of movement when walking

 Dog Harness

Fit: Form-fitting, athletic cut

Colors: graphite gray

So the harness is adjusted:

Plug the end of the strap through the front lace-back closure and pull firmly,so that the lower part of the harness close to the dogs stomach is present.Take the end of the strap and pull it again opposed by the closure.If the webbing is not a second time will be pulled through the cap,the Harness is verschnallt wrong and not sure! Please repeat this process on the rear cap and make sure that the belt twice was pulled through the buckle. Make sure that the belly piece centered on the dog’s belly is sitting and move it if necessary to the right or left.

Adjust the Martingalgurte to the Martingalplatte fits snugly.The Martingalplatte should be centered on the sternum of the dog.The abdominal part should start directly behind the front legs of the dog, so that the rear belt runs along the rear end of the rib cage. Then put the first one, then the other rear strap tight around the dog’s hind legs and fasten them to the Lace-back closures,which are mounted on top of the hip.Pull the strap back here again,pass it on,and a second time by the closure.

Web Master Harness

In addition to the normal function of our Web Master harness allows Harenss it,as his dog to lift a car or climbing stairs helping to support.Many rehabilitation centers use the harness to lift and support to injured and paralyzed dogs during therapy.Furthermore,it is ideally suited for timid dogs that manage to free themselves from traditional harnesses.

Major Advantage

In contrast to most harnesses has the Web Master Harness a second waist belt.The Extragurt allowed the addition of a balanced carrying handle.This bar allows you to lift the dog up and over obstacles.


•The five-point adjustable fit, it takes every dog in every shape and size to
•The spacious, ergonomic cut allows full range of motion
•Attachment of the leash to the sturdy aluminum V-ring or the woven tow strap
•Reflective trim increase visibility and improve safety in low light conditions

New Approach Pack


Ideal for one-to three-hour tours.Excellent for daily use.Use the Pack in the training and walk the dog to your dog something to wear and to give a task.

Major Advantage

Comfortable fit with our web master harness.This guarantees a good construction,excellent stability and pressure distribution.The five-point adjustable fit to sit with any dog,any size.


•Permanently attached,very lightweight,streamlined,aerodynamically shaped saddle bags stored with forward center of gravity,ideal design for load balancing
•Trail-savvy details like waterproof zippers,high visibility,reflective trim,external loops for attachment of equipment and durable construction
•Designed to be worn with comfort,secure fit,generous ergonomic cut for full range of motion

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