How to give a dog food based on their weight

The amount of food you give your dog will vary throughout your life. As a puppy , needs lots of food to promote growth healthy. As an adult, you need to keep your energy levels. The weight of your dog is the starting point for knowing how much food to give.

dog food based


Puppies and growing dogs
The puppies need lots of food to grow. During the first eight weeks of life, should be taken from the breast of their mothers whenever they want. After the first four weeks, however, you can start giving them small amounts of dry food mixed with water to ease the transition when the mother does not produce milk. After eight weeks, let the puppy eat twice a day. Choose a food that has a good balance of protein, calcium and other nutrients. You can determine if the food is good reviewing the package. A good indicator is that the meat is the main ingredient. Feed the puppy in growing twice daily during the first year. Then small breeds should be fed once a day and can start eating adult food. Large breeds can consume food for puppy twice a day until their second birthday. Ask the vet about this feeding scheme.

Other Considerations
The amount of food you give your dog should not be based solely on your weight. Note how active. If you spend a lot of energy, you should eat a little more than an average dog. If your dog regularly eats leftovers or you give treats, give him a little less than the recommended amount of food.