Dog Collars

Knot-a-Just Collar

Collars provide two important functions: identification and control.But dogs would call a third,very personal criterion: style.Four out of five dogs were actively sought in a survey to choose a necklace that her “on-the-go” lifestyle fit.These dogs demand an adjustable rope necklace-inspired by climbing rope-which is strong,comfortable and reliable.


This is an adjustable rope collar.It is ideal for dogs with thick fur and bushy.The low profile allows the rope to nestle comfortably between the hair around the dog’s neck,allowing a better fit.

Dog Collars


•Weiner lock buckle – specially made for dog collars – which is extremely durable and easily bent to fit perfectly on the dog’s neck to rest
•Welded stainless steel O-ring ensures a secure connection between the collar and leash
•Sturdy,10-millimeter thick cable with woven reflective elements enhance visibility and safety
•Separate split ring for dog tags


Each collar should be worn comfortably and loosely around the dog’s neck.If the dog is lying between two sizes,choose the larger,more comfort and room to grow.


Colors: red, blue, purple

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Double Back Collar

We have never tried to hide,what inspired us to develop our dogs equipment: the active outdoor sports.We are proud to admit it.In this piece of equipment we were thinking about a very important part of security-a climbing harness-and it’s inspired have a collar developed.In strength,functionality,durability,performance and security after all,nothing is wrong-right? So wear this collar with pride.


The strength of this stunning necklace makes it perfect for large dogs that can generate extreme forces when pulling.

Major Advantage

Strength – made with safety in mind. The combination of extremely stable aluminum closures, highly durable and Schlauchgurt band with the option to double secure lacing.


•There are two ways to wear this collar: straight through (straight thru) wrapped and double (double back) see description below
•Durable anodized aluminum shutter of a millimeter exact fit
•Anodized aluminum V-ring for a secure connection between the leash and collar
•Round stitched nylon that is supple, comfortable but still stable

Perfect fit: All collars should be worn comfortably around the dog’s neck

Colors: green, red (raspberry), blue

Size: M / L (fits medium and large)



Begin by You put the collar with the strip to the outside once around the dogs neck.Straight thru Method (Regular Strength).Subtract the first end of the strap through the slot of the buckle – under the Ruff Wear logo.2nd Pull the strap through the buckle to the extent that it sits perfectly.

Continue 3rd by you web threading the strap through the slot of the V-ring.Secure the end with the last slide.The collar is now fourth in the Straight Thru fashion.double back method (double strength).Subtract the first end of the strap through the slot of the buckle-under the Ruff Wear logo.Execute the second strap through the slot of the second buckle.Bring the third end of the strap back through the buckle and pull it back through the slot of the first buckle-the double track.Fourth Secure the end with the last slide.In this setting the single-color webbing is on the outside.

Chain Reaction

This dog collar is ideal as a training collar,but also for everyday use,if you want to give your dog every now and then a small and lightweight support.The noise of the chain that runs through the D-ring makes an audible sound,that sound combined with the default,limited train is a great way to make corrections to communicate humanely and effectively.Due to the limited train the collar is also very suitable for dogs who like to slip out of the collar.When the dog pulls on the collar,is automatically reduced the circumference so that it no longer fits over the head your dog.Try to match the Top Rope Collar the lines Roamer and Flat Out Leash and see for yourself.

Length: Small = 28-35cm / 34-56cm = Medium / Large = 55-73cm

Width: Small = 2cm / medium = 2.5 cm / Large = 2.5 inches

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