Dog collar

Prior to being an accessory, the dog collar is a tool of everyday life. Whether you are owner of an apartment dog or a big dog that can go at leisure outside the home, the dog collar serves several functions.

First, the dog collar is sign of identification. Indeed, a dog who wears a collar with a medal can be returned to its owners if it is lost or fugue. In addition, the dog considers her necklace as a sign of belonging to your Pack (of which you are the dominant individual).

Dog collar

Then, the collar (associated with the left) is a tool for education of the dog. Through the collar and the leash then you can learn the “walking the walk” to your dog, then the callback, and more gradually, walking without a leash.
You must choose a necklace his dog breed : its size, its weight, his body, his personality… before you fall for the exemplar.

Puppy collar
Do not wait until your dog is adult to buy a necklace. The puppy needs to get used to his collar from a young age and it will change it regularly based on its growth. This is why you can opt for a simple nylon necklace. This type of dog collar is less expensive, practical and very easily

Leather necklace
Dog leather collar is often praised by owners because it is good quality and it is aesthetic. There are all sizes, all prices (which often depends on the quality), and the models range from the most classic to the most original.
Be careful and measure the neck of your dog prior to the purchase of the collar. also assume the assumption that it will take change necklace as your dog grows to its adult size.

Nylon collar
The main advantage of collars for dog in nylon, it is their originality. Indeed, with the nylon all extravagances are possible, and the reasons were bound as the imagination of the manufacturers. Nylon collars are easy to use, lightweight, practical car washable and often cheaper.

Collar choke (or chain necklace)
Sometimes the dog, once adult, is big, strong body… and not easily controllable. A bit like the Saint Bernard of the Beethoven film! In this case you can choose a choke collar or semi choke. Usually made of metal, this necklace tightens when your dog pulls hard on his leash.
The choke collar can also be be a good educational tool for dogs for dogs who were poorly educated or who are a little too nervous by nature.

Bark collar
For dogs that suffer from a lack of education and who do not know control their emotions, the anti bark collar is a solution of last resort. It may be a spray collar that sends a painless but unpleasant mist for the dog and stop barking. It can also be a painless but unpleasant electrostatic, pulse necklace for the animal. Anti bark collar is an interim solution and should not be used permanently.

Chic necklace or fantasy
Some people prefer aesthetics to the usefulness, and there is no harm in this. A dog collar can be both practical and chic. In noble material, with grounds that out of the ordinary, with an original form… There are for everyone, then why is starving?

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