Correct the dog by systematic desensitization

With this technique, you can treat the dog fears such as fear of thunderstorms, detonations, journeys by car, people or fellow. This is exposure to the stimulus that causes fear but by reducing its intensity to do not trigger panic reaction. At the same time, if the dog is relaxed, it rewarded by hugs, kind words or sweets.

It is important to identify a level of stimulus that does not frighten the animal. In the case of Thunder or detonation, once the threshold of tolerance is determined, him listen to a recording with very low volume until it gets used. It then gradually increases the volume up to the initial intensity, i.e. one that triggered panic reaction. Of course, when you will be able to listen to the original sound, the dog must show no reaction.

systematic desensitization

Systematic desensitization is also used for the fear of human beings human. In this case, it is shown the person who scares him reassuring remotely, that is reduced gradually. We reward quiet behavior by hugs and treats. If the dog shakes, can be administered a tranquilizer.

The principle of systematic desensitization is the gradual appearance of the progress. It is a therapy that is slowly: it must stop or turn back, at a stage of lower training, when the dog shows signs of concern or fear against the stimulus to which it is subject.

It is advisable to repeat exercises already assimilated, subjecting the dog to the stimuli that frightened him to refresh his memory , because over time, it tends to forget what he has learned. Suggestion: do not expose the animal that you make to the situation he fears, for example a real storm, during the period where you apply systematic desensitization.

The use of this technique to correct undesirable behavior is very stressful for the dog. In some particularly serious cases, it is necessary to associate with this therapy of tranquilizers, which the dose should be gradually reduced as the dog adjusts the noise or the person who was terrorizing previously. Always combined the against conditioning and systematic desensitization.

The opinion of the educator
With this technique, your dog will be able to reach the goals you set will be gradually through successive stages. you choose the points of departure, arrival and intermediate stages, rewarding correct answers and turning all the other.

It is a genuine training technique to teach the dog exercises, even complex (for example, to open a door with bracket). The teachings and the behavior of the blocker must be clear and easy to interpret for the animal.