Learning of the dog by impregnation

The dog learns how to behave through learning processes, which start in the first days of life and consolidate in the months and years that follow. He learns even if it taught him nothing: he repeats an attitude because he received a bonus to which he associates.

Learning of the dog

This is why many unwanted behaviors are the result of erroneous teachings of the master. Learning is progressive. The dog learns from his mistakes. Initially, he tries to perform the action desired by his master often deceiving, but over time it will more frequently adopt the correct behavior and will succeed finally to run consistently and exactly the order given.

The term ” impregnation ” evokes the idea of a permanent fixation in the consciousness of the animal. It is Konrad Lorenz who used it first to explain the behaviour of neonate who, out of the egg, took it to his mother, the following around and imitating him. For the dog, talking about sensitive period – ranging from the third to the twelfth week of life – when the puppy begins to see and feel.

It was at this time that it establishes a link with her mother. This period is fundamental for the life of your Companion: If a regular psychic development conditions are not met, the puppy can present behavioural problems, such as the inability to socialize with humans.