Dog breeds for kids


When thinking about having a dog we come to mind many races to choose from to find the suitable for our family race must take into account in addition to their beauty, character and even if they live in the small house. In this note, we present 10 breeds of dogs for children.



It is an active and especially dog friendly. He likes to play with children, and their size makes it perfect for small spaces. You need to walk at least once a day otherwise it can destroy everything in its path. It is demanding, ie that does not like being away from his family a long time. It’s a smart race by others learns easily. Not loud or barking, it is very quiet to live in the house with the children. The collie is protective playful and affectionate. It is excellent to live with other pets, but distrustful of strangers. There is no doubt that protect by other small.


He is a loyal and noble race. Other asset so it is excellent playing for hours with children. But attention, in public places should not let up for a minute, because it is a territorial and dominant dog with other dogs. The San Bernardo is a loving, peaceful and good-natured dog. It is protective and loves to play. To think of this big dog as a family member in addition to providing a good workout, requires a large housing, with space to exercise and run.

It is a loving and cheerful race, but if you are just bored. He loves to play, so the children will have fun in their company. The pug is never aggressive so it is ideal to endure the antics of the smallest. It is an extremely docile and friendly guard dog. With him, any member of the family will be safe. He loves to play with kids, and especially if it is in the water. It needs open spaces for exercise.

He is the friend that every child wants playful, cheerful and gentle. He is always in good spirits, so he will try to cheer you all the time. He is an expert to please train it is very easy because it will do everything to make you happy. Chasing and playing with small. It is excellent for small houses. It is a dog that adapts easily. The best choice if the family loves physical activity. It is cheerful guardian and high energy.





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