The questions to ask the dog breeder

For the “good” dog, need to know what you want. First and foremost, it therefore explain what is expected of the dog to thebreeder and ask all the necessary questions (exhibitions, company, work, etc.). Thus, needed his carefully describe the place where we live, the garden if there is one; talk about all the members of the family and their character and habits of life. All of this information will allow to understand the situation andGuide your choice on any particular puppy.

Know the genealogy of the dog
The buyer must on him always ask to see the mother of the puppies. It is possible that father does not live in the same place: it must then ask to see a photo, or better yet a video. This allows to observe beauty, character and State of health of the mother: because when you see, at the end of the birth and breastfeeding, it is probably not in the best of shape. Should not that she looks like a skeleton: a weak mother gives weak puppies.

dog breeder

If one wishes to acquire a puppy work or exposure, should be advised of the results obtained by the parents in these two areas. Similarly, need to know the degree of hip dysplasia (a very serious pathology that affects many canine breeds) for each of the parents: be son of parents not met does unfortunately not guarantee a normal state to the hips of the puppy, but unlike significantly increases the risk of Dysplasia in the puppy (even if the parents have only a mild form).

Also need to learn about possible eye problems, such as cataracts or progressive atrophy of the retina: these diseases can also be sought in the parents. The same approach is valid for all the psychological and physical characteristics : the son of two large dogs will not necessarily be a great dog, but the son of two poor dogs will almost certainly a poor dog. The exceptions to the rule are very numerous.

Additional questions
Once the puppy is chosen, must be still ask the breeder :
-a few boxes of food which he fed the puppy until then.
-to let us take a cloth or a blanket from the box where the puppy lived: in this way, it will be a familiar smell, which will help it to spend his first night of uprooted in its future master.

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