Dog breed or pedigree?

What you need to know
Some people who are not interested in exhibitions and events work think that it is a good idea to take a dog without pedigree rather than a dog breed to save a certain amount of money.

He must however make a few remarks on this subject:
The pedigree does not identify a dog of high quality but is used to identify the purebred dog. For example, a German Shepherd without official documents (even though it looked very nice) can not be defined as “German Shepherd”: This means that it may not participate in an event official dog (not only the exhibitions but also meet many difficulties to find a partner.)

Dog breed or pedigree

The characteristics of a dog breed
The owners of pure dogs never mate them with people without pedigree because puppies would also lack (contrary to what some believe, it is not sufficient that only one of the parents has it) and would thus lose their commercial value.

Those who want a dog breed like course the psychophysical characteristics typical of race (otherwise they could have chosen any other dog, including Métis). Unfortunately, it cannot be certain to find these characteristics in a subject without pedigree, on which no selection to keep or improve was made.

It’s a bit like starting with the idea of buying a Ferrari “Testa Rossa” and return to the Red House with a CV 2. Naturally, it is the same color, it has an engine, four wheels and… it is much less expensive: but do not expect the same benefits!

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