Why does my dog ​​piss in his bed?

dog ​​piss

If you have recently noticed that your puppy does his needs in his own territory such as his bed it is time to remedy this situation. We answer the question you are probably torturing right now: why my dog pees on your bed. Discover the possible reasons and the most effective solutions so that your dog does not repeat its behavior again. With patience, much work and constancy you will solve this complicated problem.

dog piss

What to do if the dog pees at home

Getting your dog to be able to control your needs and not to urinate in any corner of the house a difficult task requires patience perseverance tenacity and perseverance. The important thing is to know that if your dog pisses at home you must do an important reeducation work but never punish it since in that case the problem could be aggravated. Usually your dog urinates in different areas of the house and does not wait to do his needs in the street they are usually actions that he cannot control they are involuntary and should not have a punishment.

What should be worked on is the mistrust and fear that the can have. Over excitation, lack of education, fear, urinary incontinence or even wanting to mark the territory are often reasons why the dog decides to urinate at home rather than on routine walks. Remember, do not punish because if it is an involuntary act the punishment could lead to confusion.

What to do if the dog pees at home

That your dog urinates in his own bed is worth analyzing. The reasons can be varied and it is convenient to analyze them separately to be able to understand what is happening to can and how we can solve this problem. If you noticed that your dog pees on your bed whenever you come home, the problem may be in the excitement that produces your arrival. There are many dogs that cannot control the emotion of meeting up with their owners and that causes them to do some pee in the bed.

But there can also be another case in the same assumption, that your dog wants to show submission, to attract your attention. This case usually occurs in puppies or small breed dogs. If the problem is that pisses regardless of the time and throughout the day in his little bed, the problem might not know the place to do pee or has not yet taken a proper routine walks. But it can also be due to the fact that he is marking territory, especially the males, or that he suffers from a health problem such as an infection or a urinary disease.

Solutions so the dog does not lie in bed

Now that you know the possible reasons that can lead to your puppy in his own bed, it is time to remedy and solve the problem. First, we recommend you visit your veterinarian to rule out that the dog is suffering health problems. If we know for sure that the dog is in perfect condition, you must get to work-to-work your reeducation and teach, without punishment, that you should not urinate in your own bed.

When your puppy does, his needs in the street when it’s time to congratulate him and put him up with prizes so that he learns that this is the right thing and that if he does well he will receive his reward. If your dog is still a puppy do not disturb it too much when you arrive as this may increase your excitement when you see it and consequently, it will be pissed in an undue place. You must approach with tranquility and calmness.

Eliminates odor you can invite back piss. It is important that you wash your bed so that it does not recognize the smell of your urination. Dogs communicate through smells, so it prevents you from thinking that your bed is the urinal. Patience, work and constancy will be way to overcoming the problem. Remember that you should not punish him but if you set your own guidelines and be the one who dominates the situation.

Do not let your dog win the game and the owner of their territory is created. Give a touch of attention set standards and do not let it exceed the limits or occupy a leadership position that does not close. Lastly, do not forget that if you are a puppy you still have a lot to learn and that even if the work requires effort, time and growth will help to reduce these behaviors more and more.

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