Why does my dog ​​drink lots of water?

dog ​​drink lots of water

In addition to watching our dog eat properly, we must pay attention to his water intake. We must always keep fresh, clean water within reach, and check that the quantity is adequate. Water is the most important nutrient essential for the survival of organisms, being 70% of body weight water. In the case of our dogs, we will know in this article of if he is drinking more water than necessary to carry out his functions. Why does your dog drink lots of water?

dog ​​drink lots of water

Before we become alarmed and think that we are dealing with a symptom of disease, it is important to know the functions of water in order to associate and detect the possible pathologies associated with its imbalance. The origin of body water comes from the consumption of water, food intake and metabolic reactions that take place in the body. In turn, water losses occur through urine, feces, lungs (gasping) and skin. In the case of dogs, the elimination of water through the skin is minimal since they hardly sweat they only have sweat glands on the pads.

The components of the daily ration of food consumed by our dog, will determine the water intake. The more dry matter the food contains, the more fiber and more sodium will contain the food so the dog will consume more water. The temperature and humidity that characterize the place where we live will influence in the water intake. Thus, in places with a low and hot humidity, dogs will drink more water, and vice versa.

The own characteristics of the water (temperature, taste, smell, cleaning) that have at their disposal our dogs also influence. In addition, it is very important to emphasize those certain pharmacological treatments such as corticoids or diuretics will also cause a greater intake of water.

How much water should a dog drink a day

How much water does a dog need to drink a day? If you do not have any in illness, there will be a balance between gains and losses of water and you will need 70 ml of water per day per kg of weight. At the time when some water pathology increases water losses, the dog will need to consume more water than normal.

What to do if our dog urines and drinks a lot?

If you consider that your dog drinks too much water and also vomits, is sad, eats little or transparent urine do not hesitate and go to your veterinarian of confidence. The specialist should evaluate the diagnosis of different causes of our dog’s intake of more water and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Never attempt to treat yourself or medicate your dog without the veterinarian’s supervision. If you want to read more like this, why does my dog ​​drink a lot of water? We recommend that you go into our Feed Problems section or download our Expert Animal App the application to share knowledge about the animal world and solve all your doubts.

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