The different meanings of yawning in the dog

The different meanings of yawning in the dog

One of the communication systems of the dog in this case we would speak of non-verbal communication is the yawn. With the yawn, our dog can communicate different moods that should not be ignored and we do not talk about the yawning of hunger sleep or boredom. Most mammals yawn and we generally do when we are sleepy, hungry or bored. However, in dogs, yawning should be taken into account especially when it is due to stress.

The different meanings of yawning in the dog

The dogs yawn before an unpleasant stimulus. This is the case with dogs that for example, do not like being hugged. You can check with your dog: hug him and watch his reaction. If yawns, he does not like it. Well this situation can be extrapolated to many of the situations that your dog lives day by day and that we usually ignore.

Out of a context where your dog does not yawn because of sleep hunger or boredom, you should try as much as possible the stress that could be suffering for something concrete. In this sense watching the yawn will give you information because we can avoid even future brawls for example, those that often occur between dogs and children. We know how intense children can become with dogs.

We must explain to them that they should observe during games if the dog yawns, because if so, they should learn to stop the game, since yawning is the first level of stress that the dog can show before the child. If we add stress to the animal, it can end up with a good bite on the part of the dog. In this sense, educating the child to relate to the dog is of vital importance.

One of the most forceful theories about yawning is the one advocated by many theorists: the task of yawning would be to regulate brain temperature. That is, when the brain notices an increase in temperature due to a stressor, yawning occurs in response to that need to cool the brain and oxygenate it.

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As an anecdotal point, did you know that your dog dog could yawn but you to him too? This is thanks to the ability they have to empathize with the human being, so the contagion of yawning is something natural for your dog.

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