Why we recommend a diet rich in fibers for anal gland disease?

In dogs, the gland anal s (also called anal pouches) are located laterally and slightly down from the anal hole, a tiny duct under the skin takes secretion produced abroad through a hole next to the anus.

Impaction, infections and abscess of the gland anal s can occur. In the output of secretions obstruction may occur for several reasons: the anatomical structure of the animal, the density of secretions or stool too soft, when this happens the animal will sit on their hindquarters drag-shaped “sled” by soil, also animals can lick the anal area excessive, even sometimes rotate on themselves and they shout for the inconvenience that they have. It occurs more frequently in races of small size.

diet rich in fibers

Suggested for those animals who suffer frequently from impaction of the gland anal s, a diet rich in fiber, the fiber increases the volume of stool, causing more pressure on the glands favoring its emptying when the animal defecates.

There are some commercial brands of food balanced s premium rich in fibers, can also supplement the diet with bran products, although it is not a cure for this problem, will be beneficial in many animals and will diminish or disappear the glands. Impaction.

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