Died our pet what say you guys?

Long was the concept that children were adults in miniature and should therefore act chord. Today there is a greater sensitivity to differences in child development and other stages of development in the human life cycle. There are many differences between the punishment process in children and in adults. Paramount is not if children experience or not regret and duel, but as manifest it.

Explanation of death

The silence about death (which indicates that the topic is taboo) does not help the child to adapt to the loss. When talking with a child’s death, the explanation should be as simple and direct as possible.

Died our pet

You must speak them with honesty and with sufficient detail to the level of understanding to their age and stage of development. Children should be given security, and often worry if they will also die, or if it is the rest of the family who is going to die. Responses must be direct and honest and you must be sure that the child processes information.

Correct language
Despite how difficult it is to start a conversation about death with children, this conversation should include appropriate words such as (“cancer”, “death”, “died”). Euphemisms such as (“is asleep”, “we lost”, “moved to the more beyond”) should not be used because they tend to be poorly interpreted and to confuse the child.[1.2]

Planning of the rite
After a death, children can and should be included in the grieving process and curricula of the rite. . To children not should be never forced to participate in the mourning process, be them should be encouraged to participate in those aspects in which they feel comfortable. The grieving family could be busy with his own grief, so it is better to choose a trusted adult or family nearby to help the child during the process.

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