The first days with your puppy

Thearrival of the puppy must be prepared well before the return from the breeder. There is what will be the puppy living space to hold the first night. Store home of so that no dangerous or product object toxic is within his reach.

So that the puppy aware of his new surroundings (space and people), should he visit places and serve quickly the limits that are imposed. This notion of territorial limit is the first step towards obedience and listening to the master.

The first days with your puppy

Avoid show all friends and neighbours on the first day. There must, on the contrary, whether the members of his family. This will enable who should listen to. More puppy is sometimes stressed leaving his “family home” and it is difficult and tiring for him to see a parade at his arrival home.

Practical advice
Here are a few Tips to follow the days following the arrival of the puppy:
-Allow to the puppy, at least the first nights, sleeping in the House of the masters because he might cry or bark because of the remoteness of all members of his family group. The puppy will sleep all night and succeed more easily retain urine and stools until the next morning (on the other hand, if it is isolated from the group, he will wake up frequently, to agitera and will make its needs each time).

-To encourage the evacuation of l’ urine and stools outside, walk the dog several times a day (after each meal, each NAP or night, a game…) and reward each successfully carried out elimination. It is preferable not to use the newspapers (otherwise a double learning would take place and the puppy may continue to do his needs in the House once adult, even if the newspapers are not present).

– Leave the puppy in the city or in the countryside, although the vaccination program is not yet completed. It is advisable to avoid areas frequented by a large number of dogs to reduce the risk of transmission of diseases.
-Visit at least twice a week a very noisy and common place by many people as a market, the train station, downtown Saturday afternoon.

-Encourage the puppy to approaching other dogs (large or small size, male or female) and interact with them. Thus, they develop their communication and social rituals.
-To promote the contact between the puppy and human beings human (children, men, women, elderly people).

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