Dachshund dog care Tips

dog care tips

The Dachshund dog is a pet that does not need great care but we advise doing exercises and strengthen your muscles and your spine, which is quite long thus avoid future problems. Depends on the diversity of hair need dissimilar care and periodic reviews of their ears those of short hair be sufficient them with a glove or soft cloth to stay their coat and long hair a stiff brush and a comb.

As we said should perform exercises to stay away from fattening, performing short normal walks and runs in a small garden will keep in good condition this breed is known for its spinal problems because it is very long and if you are overweight can have troubles in it. Besides being possible to prevent these pets go up and down stairs as well as the back problems are inherited you have to watch your diet to avoid fattening, as they may have herniated discs over time.

dog care tips

Bulldog pet care

The English bulldog is a dog that needs a series of care that must be taken into account so that the dog enjoys fine health thanks to its strong undershot excess longer than the upper jaw the Bulldog English is a pet that can drool a lot. In addition, due to the structure of your nose this pet usually has trouble breathing so it is recommended to take him out when it is very hot, and provide a cool place or else it can happen fatal.

Among the diseases that can suffer the Bulldog is hip dysplasia is vital that the pet does not fall keen on the obese, as this often aggravates the problem, as well he should be to provide to protect and regenerate cartilage to prevent inflammation and hence pain. We have much skin care realizing you basic care to prevent fungus, herpes, seborrhea, infected ulcers or mites among others, and we must keep healthy and balanced diet so that you are pet has one good physical situation and avoiding many problems health.