Cysts in dogs Symptoms and treatment

Cysts in dogs Symptoms

A routine check of the pads and inter digital spaces of our dogs helps prevent chronification and worsening of injuries. One of the most common lesions is inter digital cysts, very striking and common in dogs, although generated by disparate causes. The digital cysts in dogs can be formed by different causes, but all of them externally, be seen as nodules of different consistencies located between the toes. These nodules have a tendency to fistulae and can generate ulcers and purulent exudates.

Cysts in dogs Symptoms

These are very painful lesions even generate lameness in our dog and the continuous licking that is observed in our dog perpetuates inflammation and infection. For a correct exploration and initial cure, on many occasions the dog must be sedated, as it is a very distressing process for the animal.

In a schematic way, we are going to list the different causes: Foreign bodies in dogs that leave a lot to the field it is very common that they are pinned spikes in this and other zones. When lodging the spike or other material an inflammatory reaction takes place. In addition, path may be formed further introduced and making extraction difficult.

In short and hard breeds such as the English bulldog, the continuous trauma produced by these hairs causes them to reach into the follicle, breaking down and releasing keratin. This causes inflammation and a secondary infection. Allergies: Some dogs have a predisposition to environmental or food allergies. The itching that these generate causes the dog to lick in areas such as inter digital spaces, causing the nodules.

Other less common causes are endocrine abnormalities. In the case of the last four causes, we will see several limbs affected, in addition to injuries in other body locations. Observing the multiple causes that induce the formation of these cysts it is very important to perform a correct clinical history, anamnesis and complementary diagnostic tests that lead to the definitive diagnosis.

In the case of allergic component cysts, the underlying cause and predisposing factors should be corrected in addition to treatment of secondary infection. Those formed by foreign bodies housed in inter digital spaces will be treated by extraction of the body the curettage of the lesion the introduction of topical treatment solutions ointments and systemic treatment antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.


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