Cure the ills of the dog by flower essences

Treat the fear/emotional or physical of the dog
This may relate to thearrival of the puppy in his family, a visit to the groomer, after aggression between dogs…

Rescue remedy Mimulus (animals fearful, easily impressed) and Rock Rose (panic: Storm, firecrackers…). The Rescue can be given preventive or after the crisis, every 10 minutes (4 drops) until calm returned.

cure the ills of the dog

Treat the nervousness/hyper-activity-destruction of the dog
Forward (to the nervousness, tremor), Vervain (for a very active dog), Cherry Plum (behavior of destruction). For a spirited dog with difficulties to channel its energy, and subject to the frustrations: Impatience + Vervain.

Treat the learning disabilities and concentration of the dog
Chestnut Bud (flower of learning), Chicory (possessive dog, often not in place), Elm (priorities, help to clarify the spirit gives). For a young dog who learns slowly because it does not include what it expected of him (think clarify the message!) and can be locked in the repetition: Chestnud Bud + Em.

Heal the grief-pessimism of the dog
Star of Bethlehem (flower of the separation causing grief, included in the Rescue), Pine (following abandonment, restores the confidence in itself and human), Walnut (adjustment assistance following a change in education, environment…) and Gilbert (gorse for pessimism). For a dog coming from a shelter, who must regain confidence and adapt to a new home: Walnut + Pine. If he has been abused, add Star of Bethelhem.

Treat the dog aggression-dominance
Holly (Holly to help accept the frustration linked to a loss of privilege), Walnut (adaptation), Vine (dog dominant we want to prioritize), Oak (oak to soften stubborn dogs opposing their master). To facilitate the takeover of a dog dominant with respect to his master and/or its congeners: Vine + Holly.