Correct the dog by the counter-conditioning

This remedial technique is based on a principle: the dog can be conditioned to enjoy an acceptable behavior by the master instead of unacceptable behaviour. It is usually associated with systematic desensitization, which is used to strengthen and complement.

For example, the dog who of afraid of the detonations can be conditioned to accept if it him testify to low intensity (systematic desensitization) and if it strengthens the correct behavior, in other words does not flee or not fussing, treats and hugs (for packaging). The counter-conditioning technique to be effective, the dog must be prompted to receive a building following a particular action for fear that the same action previously triggered at home.

the counter-conditioning.

It is important to find a particularly motivating positive reinforcement. In addition, it will be all the more eager to get some positive reinforcement that he will have been previously deprived. The counter-conditioning can be used to deal with cases in which the dog shows a strong dislike for a member of the family.

Call alpha beta and unsympathetic person sympathetic person. The beta topic should not interact with the animal for a fortnight. When he approaches him, will prevent it, give him food or treats. Before the therapy, we recommend to leave the dog fasting for 24 hours: it will thus seek to compensate for this lack of attention in addressing the subject of alpha, which cajolera it and will feed it.

Therefore, it will become more interesting and more important than the beta topic and the animal will focus on him. Prior to interact with him, the alpha subject to order him to sit or lie to gain dominance. The counter-conditioning is also used to treatseparation anxiety. Just find a nice building, for example a bone the dog can gnaw in the moments of solitude: with this occupation, he is distracted and relaxes.

The os or any other extremely popular object of the dog must be desired that the puppy hope the departure of his master to get it. Must be so to remove it as soon as the master arrives at the House and not to propose it only on the occasion of the outputs of the latter.

This is obviously a solution that may be suitable only for brief separations but to tackle the problem in a comprehensive manner, it is necessary to use behavioral therapy built as well as drug treatment.

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