How to Make a cone collar for dog

Elizabethan collars, also known as cone collar for dog, are known to prevent the dogs are injured or hurt when stitches are ways to boot. These necklaces shaped lamp give a protective field around the dog’s neck to prevent it from biting, licking or scratching wounds or stitches. Buy them in veterinary, shopping for pets or even online. If an emergency occurs and you need one but you can not go buy it, you can make a cone collar with items you have in your home.


Make a traditional cone necklace

Place cone collar around the dog’s neck. It should be comfortable, not so tight that choke the dog.

cone collar

Make one side clasps are aligned with the pins on the other side.

Place the clips together so they are cone shaped.

Check the collar is comfortable. If it is very loose, attach it to the collar of your dog using a wire, rope or tape.

Make a temporary necklace

Cut the bottom of a plastic bucket, be sure to sand the sharp so that your dog does not get hurt edges. Place it on your dog’s head. Buy a collar cone traditional as soon as possible. This model yourself dog is medium to large in size.

Cut out a ajugero big enough for your dog’s head in the center of a paper plate. Put it in your head. Buy a collar cone traditional as soon as possible. The model of the paper plate is best for small dogs.

Trace the outline of your dog’s collar on a card.

Measure the length of your dog’s neck. Multiplíclo by 1.5. For example, if the length of his neck is 12.5 inches long (5 inches), the final bill should be 19 centimeters (7.5 inches).

Place the ruler or tape measure on the circle you drew. Find the measure calculated on the tape measure and mark on the cardboard.

Draw another circle. Start at the mark you made to make full circle.

Short necklace. Start by cutting the first big circle. Once you’re done, cut the small circle.

Place temporary head collar on your dog, but make sure you buy one traditional as soon as possible. This method is more complicated than using a bucket or dish, but can be made ​​to fit any size dog.