Tips for choosing his dog race

It is very important to choose a dog breed of the personality of the future master and his way of life, and not only physical criteria or mode. This is the only way to acquire an animal whose relations with you will be balanced and harmonious and will be happy to your contact.

The lightning blows sometimes lead to the purchase of a puppy, adult, is not at all to the master or what it expected of the dog. The separation being longer, life with the dog is just a set of constraints that the master tries to manage at best. But none of the two is fun to live with each other, which is regrettable in the acquisition of a pet dog, which should be easy to live and beautify your days.

choosing his dog race

Define your lifestyle (habitat, working time and availability for your dog, finance, vacation… mode), and then try to determine your personality a dog, that is, your attitude and your mode of education (rather authoritarian, calm, indifferent…).

But, as an important step, the reason must before any primer. Be happy with his dog, it is therefore, above all, choose. This need to know perfectly.

The 7 criteria to be taken into account:
1. Your habitat
-in the city or in the countryside
-House or apartment
-with neighbours or without neighbours
2. Your family situation
-life of couple or single
-with or without children
3. Your age
4. Your daily trips
-by car or not
-with your dog or not
5. Your leisure
-with your dog or not
6. Your financial capabilities
-purchase, food, veterinarian, grooming
7. Your availability
The 6 mistakes to avoid:
1 Choose the race only physical criterion
2 Assign the mode
3 Choose a dog not suited to its way of life
4 Transfer to the coup de coeur
5 Listen to the advice of the neighbour
6 Choose without knowing the nature of the race or its needs

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