Is hard leather chew bad for dogs?

For most dogs love to chew and chew rawhide is a favorite of dogs and dog owners alike. But are they good for your dog? In general, the answer is “not really”. When possible, choose alternatives to rawhide to satisfy the chewing instinct of your dog. But small quantities of quality raw hides may provide some chewing satisfaction for your dog.


chew bad for dogs


Rawhide chew
Rawhide is the inner layer of the skin of cattle. The outer layer of the skin is the most valuable, and used to make leather. The inner layer is used to make rawhide, gelatin and glue.

Why dogs like rawhide?
The chewy rawhide helps satisfy a dog his natural chewing behavior. In the wild, dogs need to chew the meat off the bones, chew this instinct is still present. Rawhide can satisfy this natural behavior.
The U.S. rawhides are better

Give your dog rawhide chew is made ​​from the skins of U.S. beef. The imported raw hides are often treated with toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde, to preserve the skins during international transport .

Give your dogs quality rawhides

A rawhide high quality chewable made ​​from a piece of cowhide. Do not give your dog rawhide that is thin, fragments have been shot in the middle or chipboard is made ​​of rawhide. The quality rawhides will have a bit of color, white as pure raw hides are not recommended. These are often treated with bleach to resemble white bones.

Supervises chewing rawhide
Even quality rawhides can cause choking or intestinal blockages in dogs. Nancy Kerns of the Whole Dog Journal says that “rawhide chew-even of the highest quality, may not be safe for all dogs.” The chewable rawhides are not recommended for dogs that are fast eaters or vigorous chewing. Consider alternatives for these dogs chew toys.