Changing Puppy dehydrated food safely

Puppies are adorable, but it takes a lot of work to keep them healthy and happy. Part of this job is to meet their dietary needs. Perhaps it is time to change from a dehydrated food for puppies one dog or maybe you like to switch to another brand of puppy food is best for her. Whatever the reason for the change, should do so carefully because sudden changes in your puppy’s diet could cause stomach upset.

Changing Puppy


Choose a new premium dehydrated food for puppy. Give them to the puppies foods that are high in animal protein, omega fatty acids, calcium and phosphorus for optimal health. When you examine the label on the bag of food , the FDA suggests that products that claim to seek “cover the nutritional levels established by the Nutrient Profiles Food The AAFCO (American Association of Official Control Food ) “. These foods contain all the nutrients needed to provide a complete and balanced diet for the puppy (without the need for supplements). It is also important that the puppy receive food formulated for the stage of your life. Choose food made ​​especially for puppies, unless either time to change the dehydrated food for dogs.

Dales puppies dehydrated dog food brand you normally buy. It measures 3/4 of the amount of food you usually give and Valenzuela into its container. Then mix it with the new brand of food. Measure 1/4 of the amount of food you usually give the puppy and place it in your container. Shake or stir the container to ensure that the old and new food complete mixing. Serve your food.

Go slowly increasing the amount of new dehydrated food you give the puppy every day. Feed them with a mixture of 3/4 old food and 1/4 of the new at each meal for two or three days. If your puppy is comfortable with that amount, change the mix to 1/2 old food and half of the new. Controls the puppy for signs of intestinal discomfort. If it does show some, reduces the amount of food back in the mix. If you have trouble digesting the mixture of half and half, increases the amount of new food to 3/4 old food and decreases to 1/4. If the puppy is doing well, continues to reduce the amount of old food and increasing the amount of the new until the puppy stops eating the old mark of dehydrated food. The entire process should take a week or two.

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