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Lakeland terrier

July 30, 2012 admin 0

History The Lakeland is originally from the region of the Great Lakes, in England, is the land that inspired the poetry of Wordsworth and Coleridge […]

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Rhodesian ridgeback

July 26, 2012 admin 0

This dog, originating in South Africa is so versatile and courageous to find multiple uses either as hunting dog or dog daycare for the defence […]

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Scottish terrier

July 25, 2012 admin 0

History The first Scottish terrier were bred in Scotland in 1700, but the dog with the current features that we know today dates back to […]

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English setter

July 23, 2012 admin 0

It is certainly one of the most widespread hunting dogs and with good reason, due to its excellent game qualities associated with its beautiful appearance […]

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Gordon setter

July 22, 2012 admin 0

Of the three breeds of Setter, this is without a doubt the least widespread. However, the Gordon is an excellent dog show, which adapts perfectly […]

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A breed standard

July 11, 2012 admin 0

It refers to “standard” to the description of the ethnic characteristics of a breed of dog, therefore, each standard is a portrait type of race […]

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The evolution of the dog II

July 10, 2012 admin 0

Appearance of the Canis Farcoliaris Palustris dog of peat bogs, ancestor of the races or spitz type: Samoyed, Chow-Chow, poodle large. Appearance of the first […]

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The dog in prehistory

July 7, 2012 admin 0

The encounter of the dog with the man begins in Europe in the middle age between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic, about fifteen thousand years […]