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The dog stirred

November 27, 2012 Dr. Winnie 0

Some dogs are not in place. The manifestations of this hustle and bustle are barking, the jumps, the tension on the leash, fifty and forth […]

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Airedale terrier

July 6, 2012 Dr. Winnie 0

Giant terrier breed, the Airedale is also an excellent defense dog and as such was classified until a few years ago by the Federation Gynecologic […]

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billy dog breed

July 4, 2012 Dr. Winnie 0

Dog French trail of relatively large size, with layer of hair smooth, Hunter exceptional, great smell, optimal strength and good speed, is used in hunting […]

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Bedlington terrier

July 3, 2012 Dr. Winnie 0

History The first copies of Bedlington correspond to the year 1862, there is some controversy regarding its origin, some authors claim that it comes from […]

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Basset hound

July 1, 2012 Dr. Winnie 0

It is without a doubt one of the more comical and more friendly for all dogs and their success is probably more to your particular […]