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Ideal time for mating canine

September 12, 2011 admin 0

Detecting the ideal time is difficult,both for individuals and for breeders.Yet it is crucial especially if one uses a standard which you pay the seed.Ovulation […]

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The Mexican hairless dog

June 9, 2011 admin 0

NOTE OF INTEREST: The gene that produces the absence of hair is dominant. However some puppies are born with hair. The cross between two hairless […]

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How do punish your dog

January 27, 2011 admin 0

When punishing the dog? The punishment should be used in exceptional circumstances. So be sure it worthwhile and not be unfair.Make sure that the anomalous […]

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Border Terrier Dog Breed

June 30, 2008 admin 0

The Border Terrier is the smallest of all the working terriers. He has a compact, sturdy body, medium-boned, and well put together. His otter-like head […]