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April 15, 2012 admin 0

Canine females are able to raise all the puppies in a litter provided that the number of births is not very excessive; in this case, […]

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Grooming the Yorkshire Terrier

March 24, 2012 admin 0

Materials required for grooming Yorkshire Terrier*Clipper,combs Nos.10,7/8 and 4,5 or 7. Carding,comb,nail clipper,clip earrings,straight scissors,curved scissors.With all the grooming accessories specific to the cup Yorkshire […]

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The first session of dog grooming

March 22, 2012 admin 0

Even if you regularly maintain your companion,the meetings remain essential to the groomer,if you want a dog perfectly consistent with the “look” of his race.Difficult […]

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Successful scissor cut his dog

March 21, 2012 admin 0

Cutting with scissors,or “scissoring”,even more than hair removal is a technique that requires real training, and a lot of experience.Do not expect to realize from […]