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Dachshund dog care Tips

August 18, 2015 Smith 0

The Dachshund dog is a pet that does not need great care but we advise doing exercises and strengthen your muscles and your spine, which […]

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When I walk my puppy

February 19, 2015 Simon 0

Adopt a puppy involves a number of responsibilities and care we must be willing to make in order to have a happy, healthy dog. These include the correct diet and exercise. Dogs […]

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Caring for my deaf dog

February 10, 2015 Simon 0

If you have adopted or have one deaf dog you are giving an opportunity for an animal that deserves it, it can be like another […]

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Tamiflu for a puppy with parvovirus

January 11, 2015 Simon 0

The parvovirus is a viral disease that primarily affects puppies. It attacks and kills healthy cells of the intestinal wall, causing diarrhea, suppression of white blood cells and […]