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Opening a pet kennel

April 10, 2014 Simon 0

A good kennel is an important in the life of any pet owner part. They want access to a kennel where they can leave their […]

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Dog hot spot treatment

December 29, 2013 admin 0

The irritation in the skin of your dog may develop a hot spot if lama or bite area. Bites from fleas, ticks and allergies are […]

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Hoodie dog

December 28, 2013 admin 0

The growing popularity of dog clothes means that pet owners can dress their dogs with a variety of ensembles. While homeowners like the style of […]

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Skin conditions in dogs

December 26, 2013 admin 0

The acute moist dermatitis is a common skin conditions in dogs. Occurs when an area of the skin is too sensitive, causing the dog to […]