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My dog has character

December 8, 2012 admin 0

Means many masters to complain (or on the contrary make a pride) to have a dog that has character. But what does it mean, have […]

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Why my dog disobeys?

December 3, 2012 admin 0

Have a disobedient dog, one of the things that the master feared the most. But don’t panic, there is always an explanation (and a solution). […]

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The “jumping” dog

November 29, 2012 admin 0

It is normal that a puppy jumps on people in the early months. This is indeed what he does with his mother and his brothers […]

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The dog stirred

November 27, 2012 admin 0

Some dogs are not in place. The manifestations of this hustle and bustle are barking, the jumps, the tension on the leash, fifty and forth […]

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The markings of the dog urine

November 15, 2012 admin 0

The dog uses urine to delimit his territory, thus making the attacker that they are outside their area. In addition, the urine contains substances that […]