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A breed standard

July 11, 2012 Dr. Winnie 0

It refers to “standard” to the description of the ethnic characteristics of a breed of dog, therefore, each standard is a portrait type of race […]

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Bedlington terrier

July 3, 2012 Dr. Winnie 0

History The first copies of Bedlington correspond to the year 1862, there is some controversy regarding its origin, some authors claim that it comes from […]

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Pemphigus complex

June 21, 2012 Dr. Winnie 0

The Pemphigus canines and felines represent approximately 0.3% of cutaneous processes. Affect middle-aged animals, no predilection of these processes has been found by one sex […]

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Care of the puppy

April 17, 2012 Dr. Winnie 0

Raising a pup with pedigree or without it includes food, proper deworming, necessary vaccines, training and the development of the character and customs. When the […]