Caring for my deaf dog

If you have adopted or have one deaf dog you are giving an opportunity for an animal that deserves it, it can be like another dog and love you the same thing, and certainly for their disabilities might be less likely to find a home. The key with any dog and also with a deaf dog is patience, but especially compression. A good communication is very important, but you should also know what types of care should have. Therefore, we will guide you on how to care for my deaf dog.

deaf dog


The care of your dog in health are the same as for all dogs. You will need regular vaccinations and vet visits and maintain good hygiene and nutrition.

You should take some care in the street since your dog can not relish and let him go only in areas where there is any danger and can be controlled.

Your deaf dog can not hear, but notes a lot. Take advantage of this and create a special language to communicate with your dog. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will be able to understand you, yes, be patient because you will not get the overnight.

To prevent panic when you get home, on and off the lights so you know you’ve arrived but if you are asleep do not touch him while sleeping as it can be scared, come and stick with your foot on the floor so that the vibrations will be reminded you have arrived.

Caring for excellence for your deaf dog is affection . The more affection you give the stronger your bond. Understand your situation and give tools to communicate and so strengthen your relationship every day.

Reinforced with awards , accolades and positive behaviors hugs your deaf dog. Also plays with him to be an active and happy dog.

Take your deaf dog on his consultations with the vet to do him a good follow his deafness and feel free to consult any doubts.

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