Care of the puppy

Raising a pup with pedigree or without it includes food, proper deworming, necessary vaccines, training and the development of the character and customs. When the puppy has happily reached House, make that is environment getting it from the beginning to do the physiological needs. You can assign a fixed place in the House, since then could be yours.

During the first and second day is not convenient to give too much food because, while still in phase of setting, does not feel the need to eat, but want to be quiet (remember that it is not a toy, it is a living being) to explore their new world. This small fast will also serve to facilitate that the dog gets used to his diet, that if you appetite it will eat everything.

Care of the puppy

It will be advisable to leave the puppy after every meal, in order to avoid that he dirty the House and at night will do the same before going to bed. The dog will learn soon.(In the case of the kittens is easier because themselves prefer the sanitary pebbles), and after a few weeks you will understand what they want from him and it will not cause any discomfort.

The time required for the complete education of physiological instincts varies from a puppy to another, while some will understand them more quickly, others will be necessary to have a little patience and understanding. Not used never stupid punishment of scrub your nose in the place where the fault has. It would be pointless and counterproductive. Reprender with the voice (not!!) when it surprised the fact. It is pointless to chastise him later. Generally, the puppy makes their needs after eating, if after eating and drinking water, it begins to sniff the floor or moan is telling us take me to the bathroom!, that will be the right time to take it to the place where it belongs and doing their stuff there, tell: very well! very well! and caress it, then you will learn to go alone or ask him to open the door.

Remember that the puppy is not derogatory nor disobedient, but loving person and instinctively cleaning. Reduce the ration of water overnight.

With regard to the location of the doghouse (if sleep outside) get a fixed place where it does not disturb or be annoyed with moderate environmental conditions: neither cold nor hot and, above all, is not exposed to currents of air and moisture away from the place where usually eats, because if not you can purchase the bad habit to be there the best slices in the dish to taste with tastelittering the place we have designed you as well.

This accommodation must have a mat, which will have a cover for easy cleaning. The filling can be chips, rubber pen, etc. If the animal feels comfortable in its new place I will soon consider it your property and will therein long hours playing or sleeping. However not be forced the dog to stay continuously at your site because you will feel rejected for not being allowed to enjoy the company of his master and the people that surround it, that the dog is a very sociable animal-

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