How help your dog to take care of puppies

The arrival of new puppies often become excited to pet owners but it is normal to feel some doubt and concern to see our weak bitch after childbirth and sometimes having to attend many small, so some people are questioning about how help your dog to take care of puppies. We give you some good advice so you can lend a hand to your pet and facilitate the whole process.

care of puppies


  1. During the first weeks of life puppies fail to see good about it looking almostblindly a warm place to stay and eat, usually in the area of maternal tits. A good way to keep the little ones away from that area and suffer accidents is closing the gap to remain in the area close to Mom.
  2. The first day is very important for young take breast milk because like in the human case this contain all the nutrients that will keep them healthy, but when it comes to very large litters per bitch sometimes fails to have enough for everyone in that case you can feed them porridge from the12 days of age .Consult your veterinarian about the best mix to do.
  3. Breastfeeding consumes a huge amount of calories that the dog should be fedbetter than ever with a feed that contains lots of protein. No portion controls rather give all the food they ask you for what you are needing thus have more energy and produce better milk.
  4. It is common to see that the dog licks the puppies with strength and energy during the first weeks of life, especially in the genital and anal area to stimulate the bowels.If it fails to do early will require you to take a cotton ball with warm water and passes through this area for small evacuate.
  5. You must perform this task everythree hours after the cubs take their milk until they get to perform the functions themselves, what will happen after a few weeks.
  6. Always keep the cubs near his mother until ready gaining more independence.If you notice your apathetic, discouraged and little appetite bitch consulting your veterinarian.
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