How to Care for Afghan Hound Greyhound

Hound Greyhound

The Afghan dog has extraordinary hair quality and requires minimal care. If not done routinely, can make your hair not look as bright, smooth and healthy as would be usual and how you would like it to be. For this reason, in this article we talk about how to care for Afghan hound hair. Whether you present it to canine beauty contests or not, your hair is very sensitive deserves special care. If you do not take care of it can end up leading to health problems. Spend the necessary time and take care of him, when you see that do not form so many knots you will thank him!

Hound Greyhound

In its first weeks it is the mother who cleans the puppies but, when beginning to explore the world is when they run they begin to get dirty more. When you are still very young, to bathe your Afghan hound you will only need a bucket of warm water and a sponge to wash it. Then be sure to dry it quickly so it does not get cold, as it is still very small and your immune system is still developing. With a clean towel and gently massaging your fur will be worth.

We warn you that until you get used to a little do not usually like much, caress and relax it so that the moment of the bath does not prove stressful. Shortly before the year of age is the most complicated period since the hair change begins. Do not despair and have a little patience and brush it daily in a short time will pass and you will notice how it has fewer knots and your hair shines much more.

How often should I bathe my dog?

As you may have heard, bathing dogs a lot is bad because their fur and their skin can be affected. In the case of the Afghan hound, we must still go with more care. First of all you should keep in mind that it is not the same as your dog live in a house and go for a walk just how much you live outdoors and you are all day wallowing in sand. Therefore, you must value how much to bathe your dog. If it does not get dirty a lot will suffice once a month or every month and a half.

Do not take more than ten or fifteen minutes to shower, to reduce the stress that may be, and always use a shampoo conditioner suitable for dogs with long hair. We advise those who wear keratin to give them extra shine. Also, forget about using colonies, dogs are very sensitive to odors and will be counterproductive to him. Know in this other article because you cannot bathe your dog with your shampoo.

That said, what you should do nothing more than just bathe it is to dry it well. A good drying is key to make your coat as bright, smooth and healthy as possible, as well as prevent possible colds and health complications. If it is sunny, it is advisable to dry outdoors not to dry your hair.


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