Canine Ehrlichiosis

It is a bacterial disease caused by canis erlichia , known as: Canine typhus, canine hemorrhagic fever syndrome linfohemorragico the tracker dog disease , idiopathic, tropical canine pancytopenia,

So far it is known that the dog (vector) Brown tick, transmits it rhipicephalus sanguine us .


3 Stages of the disease are recognized: acute, sub acute and chronic , which can occur in moderate and severe forms.

The sign clinical s present in general are quite unspecific, high fever , increased anemia, blindness etc. sign neurological s nodes.

In the way severe chronic (is the most common) develops a bleeding characteristic clinical picture s (coagulation), anemia, fever and nondenominational (swollen increased size)

The diagnosis of canine Trichinosis often can be difficult since many sign clinical s associated with the disease are highly nonspecific.

The signs who guide us towards the diagnosis of canine Trichinosis such as possession of ticks, may not be present at the time of the consultation, a high percentage of patients.

The diagnosis usually comes through an analysis of blood (blood smears).

A prolonged antibiotic therapy, which do not always respond to the same treatment .

The strict control of ticks, in the environment where this is found both on the dog is recommended as prophylaxis of the disease .

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