Can people get kennel cough?

What is kennel cough?
Canine Cough is the most familiar name known for the most common upper respiratory problem in dogs, tracheobronchitis. The disease infects a large number of dogs throughout their lives around the world. This cough usually begins with a dry cough, followed by nausea and watery nasal discharge. It is rare for mild cases hinder the dogs, and still eating, drinking and being active as before. Severe cases can have symptoms such as fever, pneumonia, lethargy and in some cases even death.

kennel cough

Human Risk
Which have an immune system weakened, pregnant women and children. Not all scientists are convinced that the disease can be transferred to humans, with clear evidence as to whether it really comes from exposure to dogs or not.

The best way to prevent human exposure is to avoid exposure to a dog. The most common method of transmission is from dog to dog, especially in puppies and often comes from exposure in kennels or boarding facilities. Dogs must be vaccinated, although it should be understood that the vaccines rarely provide complete protection. Minimize contact with other dogs is a preventative measure further .

Treatment for humans and dogs is very similar. The common and milder forms of the disease are usually treated with antibiotics, but in many cases, cough suppressants are used to help control mild symptoms. In severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed immediately. No steroids or cough suppressants are used in severe cases and can actually inhibit the ability of the natural immune system to fight the disease and could lead to more serious illnesses such as pneumonia.

Canine Cough is a major concern for dogs and humans. Whatever the source or cause of transmission, this is a respiratory disease that should be taken very seriously. If a case is diagnosed, should be treated properly as soon as possible.