Can you afford a Pug?


Not all races suit our lifestyle, and not at the time of the acquisition but in the future. When you give away, a dog should think of the future what would happen in 10 years. Its cost is more than simply procure food unfortunately not analyze whether we can afford a dog and this bill ends up passing us but who else suffers this fact is the animal. Any dog is an expense another thing is that we want to accept it and not let our dog abandoned in a corner of our house or garden.


The first step in welcoming our new dog is to take it to a vet that makes you a first review and determine whether deforming or vaccination depending on the need for vaccines preventive medications and treatments is necessary: the first visit will probably cost about then the chip and the anti-rabies vaccine to be held annually will be required.

Food and rest and play space

It is important to feed your dog with high quality food if we want a healthy dog for many years, and save many problems, not worth offers supermarket where the bags 25 kilos, it is clear that cheap It is cheap and full of junk ingredients. A bag of good quality feed, food expenditure would be between 20-70 per month, depending on the size and energy level of your dog.


Toys are necessary for mental and physical stimulation of our animal. This cost us 25 to 150 per year. The dog needs his refuge, a place of peace, and this should be cozy and quiet, here we will invest per year. If we buy, that are easy to clean and durable not have to renew them so assiduously, although it is advisable to renew several times a year especially if our pet has fleas and other parasites.

Hairdressing, veterinary and care

Contrary to what almost everyone thinks, your dog if you need a dog grooming. It is necessary. The groomers are the first professionals to detect diseases in dogs. Whether your dog is long hair or short hair needs hairdresser, this will fix your nails, you clean the ears, glands, purifies them. Veterinary care is an important part of keeping your dog healthy. These will be increased depending on the races there are many races that are problematic in terms of health and diseases develop their characteristics.

To this must be added the medicine and other accessories necessary to prevent or fight disease or parasites. Some dogs also need vitamins and supplements. We save a lot of money if we take the time to basic education of our puppy the first months are very important allow the dog to interact with others. No one can predict the future the unexpected illness accident and other unplanned expenses can break the family budget and the best way to be prepared is to leave extra money as savings. With all this, we infer that having a dog is not free and requires considerable monthly expense, which is why we must ask the following questions:



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