Does the excess of calcium in the diet can cause problems joints?

The excess calcium in the diet is the cause of bone problems in developing puppies, there seems to be a relationship between hypertrophy osteodystrophy and osteochondritis disenchants, which are two diseases manifested in dogs in development. An excess of calcium in the diet is detrimental in hip dysphasia .

In recent studies, researchers fed to dogs with diets rich in calcium concentrations much higher than those recommended and compared the incidence of this diseases in dogs fed with normal levels of calcium with the fed with excess calcium. As expected, supercharged with calcium animals showed one higher incidence in bone problems in the hip dysphasia.

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Many people have taken these studies and have interpreted them that to feed a puppy of breed large quantities slightly low in calcium and phosphorus, the Cubs would have one lower incidence of hip dysphasia, but however, there are no studies that verify that poor in calcium diets will decrease the manifestation of dysphasia.

Suggests growing puppies feeding a pet food premium or a balanced natural diet will not bring any inconvenience and not risk the possibility of producing a diet deficient in calcium which can produce an inadequate ossification with risks of trauma spontaneous s.

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