Tips before buying a dog

You have decided topurchase a dog, but just before his arrival, questions persist. That he is a puppy or an adult dog, here are a few Tips to General to have thehome of your pet happens in the best conditions.

Questions to ask before
Before buying a dog, it is not enough to know what is its appearance, how much it costs and what is its size: it must try to learn the most possible on its characteristics psychophysical to know everything that can be expected of him… and this that he can expect.

Tips before buying a dog

Purchase a dog is not like buying a pair of shoes: it is “almost” as adopting a child, because it is a step that should be taken with the same seriousness and the same sense of responsibility.

The dog is alive, sensitive and intelligent: it must be respected for this. The dog may be a friend, a colleague, a member of the family: it should never be “only” an animal that one feeds two times a day because – as a child – he is not only hunger for food but he also has a great hunger for love of attention, learning.

Owning a dog also means sweep of his mind all doubts and all preconceived ideas : thus one must ask if it represents a danger to the child, if he can transmit disease, what is the real price of maintenance or what represents his dressage.

It should be noted that those who who categorical truths have usually simply heard of dogs (sometimes by other “super experts” like them) or even have had one or two dogs (who are often remained locked in a garden without ever having contact with the masters) but in reality they know nothing of this animal. However, they are confident to know everything.

In fact, no real expert in cynophilie ne can be certain, because those who really know the dogs know very well that it would take ten lives to know “everything” about the dogs.

Ideas on aggressiveness
Moreover, it should be noted that dogs killers do not exist. There is no absolute “breeds that bite the children” or dogs that roam the streets to find a human being in which planting their teeth to the lips and wild-eyed, drooling.

There are very aggressive dogs and less aggressive dogs, but aggression is not a defect, it is a normal component of the character. She was selected in some races rather than in others, but person is never fun to create a dog anti man: very aggressive dogs to the game (see Burrows) and also the aggressive dog to other dogs was created (see born fighting races), but none of these dogs “has” after man. On the contrary, dogs that have the greatest tendency to bite their similar usually love the man and are of an incredible gentleness with children.

Course, if it is true that there is no dog killers, it is also true that there are men killers. They can even make dangerous and biting a small poodle, because a dog has the only serious flaw to be ready for everything to please his master: if he asks her to bite children and elderly persons, featherlight children and elderly persons.

But the fierce beast is not him (Note: the fact that small Poodles are not dogs often accused of being cruel and bite systematically simply means that the “two-footed boobies” don’t buy small poodles, but prefer other types of dog.) (However, placed in the hands of people balanced and healthy of mind, these same dogs become very soft and safe). The finding is always the same: only really capable of ferocity race is the human race.

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