Breeds of dogs “The Bichon Habanero”

The Bichon Habanero is a peludito dog seems a stuffed toy. The reason why this dog there really is nice and cheerful nature. The only reason why breeding is because it is an excellent pet. This dog is not a rescue, or guardian dog, nor eat lions, or anything that we can say that it has been a necessary utility for the existence of a group of people. No, Bichon Habanero all it does is wanting much to his master and not leave that he was bored for a moment when to the you are allowed to be present.

That’s the attitude that have professional breeders of this dog, at least in the United States. While in the other dogs they strive is to keep their original usefulness, so is at cost of qualities such as pet, Bichon Habanero only you want to be a pet. Really, are so developed his instincts of companion dog that breeders did not try to improve anything, except keep your shape in this race. If the compete lead some trophy, wonderful, but going to the competition to socialize rather than compete.

The Bichon Habanero

Many of these dogs are being used in therapy for people with physical or mental difficulties. Being a peludito dog, strong Constitution and who loves that they want are benefiting many people of his visits to hospitals and other similar places. In one of the articles in his column of this breed in the Gazzete AKC, Joanne V. Baldwin makes mention of a very interesting use and will perhaps help some parents and teachers perhaps. He mentions that these dogs are wonderful to help children who have difficulty reading out loud. While these children are perhaps a difficulty of sentence read aloud in the presence of others, for the dog they delight in reading using all the powers of his vocal cords. Good success with this affirmative psychology has been achieved.

With regard to its popularity in the United States noticed an excessive increase in puppies (according to the statistics of the AKC) records in the past three years. In 2001 there were less than 1300 puppies while in 2003 exceeded the 2100. Almost doubling when the total of 150 breeds of this Federation noted a decline of about 85%. Anyone who sees it compete, does not need explanation of the because it is so beloved.

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