Breeds of dogs “The Boston Terrier”

The Boston Terrier is a lively, very intelligent, smooth coat, short head, Constitution dog compact, short-tailed. Its proportions are well balanced, and striped color, ‘seal’ (black with reddish hue) or black has white spots uniforms. The head is well-proportioned to the size of the dog and its expression denotes a high degree of intelligence. The body is rather short and well built, the limbs are strong and elegantly well-angled; the tail is also short. None of its features must be so prominent that do produce a disproportion of the body. The animal gives an impression of determination, strength and activity with great class and style; your port is natural and elegant. A proportionate combination of ‘colour’ and ‘white markings’ is a particularly distinctive feature of a representative specimen of its breed. The traits of “balance, expression, color and white markings”, should be considered in particular at the time of determining the relative value of the general aspect in relation to other points. A well defined body, a short back, as well as unique as a head and square jaws, and impressive brands, have produced an elegant, charming and genuinely American Dog: Boston Terrier.

To compare copies of each sex, the only obvious difference is a slight refinement in the configuration of the female.

The Boston Terrier

The length of the limbs must be proportionate to the length of the body, so educate Boston Terrier for his impressive square aspect. The Boston Terrier is a sturdy dog and must not be neither coarse nor enjuto. Bones and muscles should be in proportion to the weight and structure of the dog, and also enhance its expression.

The Boston Terrier is a dog friendly and vivacious. This breed has an excellent disposition and a high degree of intelligence, which makes it an incomparable companion of the Boston Terrier.


Skull: Square, flat at the top, without wrinkles. The forehead is steep.
Depression (Stop) naso-frontal: Well defined.

Truffles: Black and wide; presents a furrow well defined between the Windows. Well open nostrils.
Muzzle: It is short, square, wide and thick in proportion to the skull. It presents no wrinkles. Its length is less than its width or depth, and does not exceed in length, 1/3 of the length of the skull. Since depression naso-frontal to the tip of the nose, the snout is line parallel to the skull.
Lips: They have good depth, but they aren’t hanging; They cover the teeth altogether when the mouth is closed.
Jaw / teeth:Jaw wide and square, with short and regular teeth.
The bite is regular or with enough lower prognathism to give the muzzle be square.
Cheeks: Flattened.
Eyes: They are well separated. They are big, round and dark. They are placed at right angles in the skull, and seen in front, external angles are along the same lines as the cheeks.
It is the Boston Terrier to present a speech warning and affectionate, indicating a high degree of intelligence. This is a very important feature of the breed.
Ears: They are small. They are upright, either naturally or cut, so that they correspond to the shape of the head. Lie as close as possible to the upper edges of the skull.

The length of the neck must provide an image of total body balance. The neck is slightly arched, and holds the head with elegance, joining shoulder sharply.

The body should look like short.
Top line:Horizontal.
Back: Is short enough to give the body the square shape.
Grupa: It describes a slight curve towards the birth of the tail.
Chest: It is deep and wide. The ribs are well upwind and extends to the back.

Low insertion. It is short, thin and gradually decreases toward the tip. Is straight or shaped ringlet; It should not be on the horizontal. The ideal length should not be more than quarter of the distance that extends from the insertion of the tail to the hock.


Placed moderately separated between themselves and on the same line with the upper tip of the scapula. Bone straight.
Shoulders:Are sloping and well extended backwards, allowing the Boston Terrier its elegant movement.
Elbows: They do not turn neither inward nor outward.
Metacarpos: Short and strong. The Spurs may be removed.
Front feet:They are small, round and compact. They do not turn neither inward nor outward. The fingers are well arched and nails are short.

Thighs: They are strong, muscular and well well-angled knees; proper placement.
Knees: Well well-angled.
Hock: It is short from the hock to the feet, and not becomes neither inward nor outward. The Hock joint is well defined.
Rear feet: Small and compact, with short nails.

Boston Terrier moves with step secure and straight. Front and rear legs move forward in a straight line and at a perfect pace. Each step denotes grace and power.

It is short, smooth, bright and fine texture.

Striped, color ‘seal’ (black with reddish hue), or black with white markings. The striped is preferred only if all the other qualities are equivalent.
(Note: definition of the «seal» color: is black, were that it acquires a red hue when he was seen under sunlight or bright light).

Required brands: White stripe on the snout, lists white between the eyes, white backsplash.

Desirable brands: White stripe on the snout, lists regular white between the eyes and on the head; white collar; White backsplash; anterior and posterior members under completely or partly white hocks.
Note: (a representative specimen not should be penalized for not having «desirable brands»).

A dog in which predominated the white color on the head or the body must have sufficient merit to counter its shortcomings.

It is divided into categories, as indicated below:
• Less than 15 English pounds (6.8 kg)
• 15 English pounds and less than 20 English pounds (from 6.8 to less than 9 kg),
• 20 English pounds and not more than 25 British pounds (9 and not more 11,35 kg).

General appearance 10
Expression 10
Head skull, (muzzle, jaw, bite)
(depression naso-frontal) 15 5 eyes
Ears 5
Neck, topline, body, tail 15
Forelimbs 10
Hindlimbs 10
Feet 5
Color, fur, 5 brands
Movement 10
Total 100

Any deviation des the aforementioned criteria is considered missing and the seriousness of it is considered to the extent of the deviation to the standard.
• Solid or thick aspect.
• Windows in the nose too close or open.
• Eyes that are too white or third apparent eyelid.
• The size of the ears is not in proportion with the size of the head.
• Tail carried right up.
• Members with little substance.
• The straight knee angulation.
• Crushed feet.
• Movement of bearing or rolling, taking a bit too toes outward. Too high movement.

• Deviation of JAWS.
• Tongue and teeth visible when the mouth is closed.
• Back concave or tent.
• Flat ribs.
• Any crossover movement, both forelimbs and the rear.

• Dog aggressive or fearful.
• Truffle flesh-colored.
• Blue eyes or any trace of blue.
• Cropped tail.
• Color black, striped, or «seal» solid, without white markings required.
• Grey or liver.

Any dog showing clear signs of physical abnormalities or behavior should be disqualified.

Males should be two appear normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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