Breeds dog

The niche for dog is an accessory for dog essential for animals who live outside. And of the niches for dog, there for all tastes: 100% wood, plastic weather-resistant, large format, aesthetic, transportable… and even the dog kennels inside.

Niche for dog: at what age?
The first months, the puppy trims everything falling under the tooth. just so the first time him install a well planed wooden small box that you garnirez of a covered with a washable envelope hard enough cushion. Under the cushion, you can bury an old alarm clock; regular ticking held company to your boyfriend.

Breeds dog

Once the critical period expired, replace this Spartan accommodation by a basket much more elegant Wicker or synthetic fabric that you buy in any store of animals.

If you have a small dog, choose a portable cart (or travel bag), very convenient travel or vacation, when you go to the hotel. Thus, wherever he goes, your dog will feel always at home.

If you have a large dog, him install a rigid mattress that you will be able to manufacture custom. In all cases, the layer of your friend will be easy to maintain and installed in a place free from drafts and furniture of value.

Breeds dog outdoors
If you don’t want to keep your dog at home, build a niche which protected the wind in cold season and the Sun in the summer, and away from the street to avoid it barks at the crossing of pedestrians. If the Park is not very large, the soil will be slightly sloping and cemented, if it is large, cover mostly of sand. The closing will be in a roasting high enough to thwart the attempts of fugue.

The nests, solid wood (never in cement), must never be too spacious : it must be that your dog can warm up with the heat of his body. The bottom and walls will include two wood layers separated by a layer of insulating material. A liftable roof allows to control the Interior of the niche and facilitates cleaning.

In the same niche winter?
In winter, take the entrance to the niche of a small swinging door opening both inwards and outwards. You can also build a niche of very friendly summer from an old barrel. In all cases, the niche must be isolated from the soil and raised on four bricks.

But when the cold really begins to be felt, it was to return the dog indoors so that it does not suffer from the bad weather. If you do not want returned in pieces to live, you can put it in the garage if the temperature is acceptable.

Clean the niche frequently and disinfect the potential parasites and their eggs. Go to the detergent and jet of water under pressure and then rinse it with water in which you will have diluted pest control products (use two times the prescribed dose, usually for the disinfection of the hair).

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