Canine females are able to raise all the puppies in a litter provided that the number of births is not very excessive; in this case, the weakest will be displaced by his brothers, preventing them from receiving the minimum amount of milk needed for normal development and without complications.

The good fate of puppies and end your breastfeeding healthy and living will depend on different variables and certain constants biological as race, age of mother, force of parents, feeding the pregnant female, exercise, lifestyle during pregnancy, etc.

Breeding dogs

The breeds considered owls or large can withstand nursing of 6 or 8 puppies without any special reinforcement, except the logical increase in quantity, quality and frequency of rations supplied to the mother, it is always advisable to use during gestation and lactation of the type premium pet food for puppies or high-performance that will cover all the nutritional requirements of the pregnant female. However they are not infrequent litters of puppies more than 8, and in some breeds it is very common that require specific attentions.

Firstly, the size and competitiveness of the dogs is very different, observing one or two who choose the most abundant nipples and depart to his brothers, relegating them to the other breast. Focusing, are small and weak copies hardly accessing the most basic care. Many litters must be treated in such a way that the animals can suck the first eight or ten days of life to receive antibodies and substances that, provided by breast milk, ensure a prior immunization against the diseases more frequent.

So that all children can have the same opportunities, excess animals from six to eight to rotate all the confreres will be withdrawn for two hour shifts. From the week of age, you can supplement with formula canine or prepare artificial milk for orphaned puppies. (see related articles)

The lactation period lasts between 30 to 45 days, provided that the female can handle acutest puncture of the paper-thin tined their children have as they grow.

When circumstances warrant reducing the number of puppies, we must never sacrifice the surplus, but that will be the aging in bottle. The dogs will be in a drawer sheltered at a temperature of 37 ° C by a lamp.

The shots will be repeated every two hours or when they cry with artificial milk for puppies previously described.

Cleaning of excrement and urine is made with a soft cloth and wet, gently rubbing the per anal region to stimulate the Physiology of their needs. The bottom of the bed is changed on a regular basis trying to remain clean and dry, you can use confetti, chips of wood or old cloths clean so don’t feel uncomfortable.

If you leave the female all the children of a large litter, la merit lento de children is more likely or less well endowed, you can avoid with the previously named recommendations.

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