How to Train German Shepherds to not bite other dogs

Dogs generally are aggressive with other dogs because canine instinct. In nature, they live in packs, and have a dominant attitude with physical aggression to be placed in a position of power within the group. Another reason why a dog hurts another can be by instinct inherited the type of race they belong. German Shepherds are herd dogs and their natural desire is to make other animals do what they want and go where they want to go. That, with his strong instinct of aggression, can create some problems in a home of many dogs or when you want your German Shepherd to behave well in a group of strange dogs.




How to Train a German Shepherd nipping other dogs.

Learn about behavior in general canine to understand the way your German Shepherd reacts to other dogs. Many times we expect dogs to behave like humans with four legs. Dogs can get confused and aggression can reach a higher level.

Pay attention to your dog’s body language when you are around other dogs. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep him out of situations that encourage aggression, such as being in the territory of the other dominant dogs and, in some cases, subordinate dogs.
Note that without strict rules and divisions, will have problems if you have two dogs with dominant personalities living in the same space.

Use quick, sharp corrections with your German Shepherd if he is aggressive with other dogs, either at home or in a public place. This means that you put a collar and leash to correct it quickly and say “no” at the first signs of aggression. The first signs of an aggressive attitude towards another dog is strong and constant visual contact, growling and bristling hair of the back of the neck.

You realize that you control your German Shepherd while you have a leash, but you can not teach at all not to impose a dominant to other dogs. Biting is a common method to impose his superiority dogs and when two animals are involved in a confrontation and did not want to surrender, bites, rapidly intensifying into a violent situation.

Become the leader of the group. It will be important if you have a large dog, especially if you have the personality “alpha”, which are those that want to be the member parent. You are part of the group of your dog and if you’re the leader, then you are the subordinate and your dog will not listen. A method to show your dog a dominant position is that what you put on your back and you step in the while keeping a firm eye contact. Do not look away, stare at your dog until he is forced to look away. This attitude is also common in the behavior of dominant-subordinate dog.